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Celebrating Great Institution Standards

HIS's HISINS Certification's identified as a globally practised quality management standard for education provider's.


What is HISINS Certification?

A HIS's HISINS for Hospitality education institutions standard certification can be defined as a set of guidelines to achieve quality, services, management, innovations and "how to" instructions for the global hospitality education industry. Provides for a written assurance when achieved compliance with HIS Standards.

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HISINS 14 Standards & Codes

HISINS Institution Standards: Infrastructure, Quality, Teaching & Trainings Process, Management and Innovations.

HISINS Institutions Assessment

Based on in-depth research covering all inter disciplines of hospitality in accordance with dynamic assessment strategies.

HISINS Institutions Inspection

HIS inspection body ensures examination of quality and conformity of standards based on professional judgment.


HISINS standards cover all the defining sectors in hospitality education institutions. Select the category you belong to, complete the registration, and become a part of the HIS's HISINS standards community.






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Standards & Codes

Why HISINS Standardization?

HISINS Standard Certifications, marking and quality certification of colleges, university's, management schools, academy, online institutions and for matters connected. There are numerous benefits obtained through HISINS certification for education sector in hospitality.


Hospitality Management Schools | Colleges | Universities | Training Institutions | Hospitality Academy | Short Course Institutions | Online Education Providers..,

Standards & Codes

Institutions -Infrastructure, Quality, Teaching & Trainings Process , Curriculum, Management and Innovations.

Brand Identity

Recognizes and celebrates best practices, quality service, industry standardization, promotes HIS member's brand identity.


HISINS 2000 is Family of Standards & Codes suitable for both small and large education providers in hospitality industry.

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Comprehensive Assessments

Our assessments cover over 22 Standards & Codes to individual service assessment “touches" across all education providers.

Quality Assessment

Establishments may be inspected for Assessment under the Common Quality Standards for all types of Hospitality Education Institutions.

About HIS

HIS is an independent, not-for-profit organization. HIS is the first and the only specific Hospitality standards developing organization in the world.


Established to identify and highlight excellence throughout the global hospitality community which gives a competitive edge to professionals.

HIS's HISINS: 2000 Series For

The classification of Hospitality Education Institutions, taken into consideration by HIS, are the following.

  • University | Colleges | Business Schools - Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma & PG Diploma Degree Courses in Hospitality Studies.
  • Courses Like: Hospitality Administration | Hotel Management & Catering Technology | Hospitality & Tourism Management | Travel & Tourism Management | Food & Beverage Management | Luxury Hospitality | Hospitality Marketing | Hospitality Finance | Hotel Administration
  • Hospitality Training Institution | Short Course Institutions | Online Hospitality Institutions
  • Short Course in Hospitality studies:
  • Bakery & Confectionaries | Food Productions | Catering and Hotel Administration | Culinary Arts/Pastry Chef Courses | Cooking Courses | House keeping | Food Service | Restaurant Management | Bar management Courses
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HISINS Quality Standards

HIS understands that quality is the key to success within the education institutions hospitality industry. In order for the world hotel industry to be successful both nationally and internationally it is important that quality standards are set high and continue to improve.


HISINS Standards and Certification Process

Hospitality Institutions - Standards, Assessment, Inspection and Certifications

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Hospitality Institutions - Application

Organizations seeking accreditation/certification are required to submit the proper application forms and fees prior to receiving a review/online Assessment/Inspection date.

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